Will Gadow

Born in Jackson, Mississippi. I grew up in the local punk scene where my respect for music and art was first developed. Throughout high school and college I played and recorded with several bands, and have always felt passionately about artists and the romanticism that envelops the lifestyle. Over the years I have come to admire all genres of music, though my preference is still in rock based music. I am currently at Delta State University for a degree in Digital Media Arts with a focus in Sound Production. The albums that have been most influential to me in recent years are "Skeleton Tree" from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, "King of Limbs" from Radiohead, and "Random Access Memories" from Daft Punk. I love working on albums and seeing people's work positively affect their scene. 



Taylor Treece

Having experience in most fields of the creative arts, I feel comfortable guiding clients through all of our services, especially those cinematically centered. Having directed and assisted in all aspects of producing a film, my experience combined with our cinematography associates' experience is sure to allow for your individuality as an artist to shine through with our guidance along the way. Also, with a degree centered towards Business Administration from the University of Mississippi, any strategic planning you wish to accomplish can be accomplished with us. Influences in film include "Bronson", "The Place Beyond the Pines", "2001: A Space Odyssey", and "Taxi Driver". My goal is to bring any projects brought to us to the level of emotion that drives these films to affect me.   


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